for conducting identification

The identification of works of art / objects is a procedure that determines:
1. whether an item meets the criteria for movable cultural property;
2. the classification of the movable cultural values ​​according to their belonging to a certain historical period according to art. 52 of the Law on cultural heritage and according to the scientific and cultural field to which they refer according to Art. 53 of the Law on cultural heritage;
3. the classification of the movements of cultural values, which meet the criteria for national wealth in the granting of the status of national wealth under the conditions and by the order of the Law on cultural heritage.

On the basis of the CULTURAL HERITAGE ACT and ORDINANCE No. 1 of 16.02.2021, on the procedure for identification and keeping of the registers of movable cultural property, the National Gallery shall carry out the identification of movable cultural property within the scope of its profile.

The National Gallery does not make valuations of works of art and does not issue certificates of authenticity.

The following documents are to be submitted for the purposes of identification:

1.  Application  
2.  Declaration for origin and method of acquisition, Appendix № 2 from ORDINANCE No. 1 of 16.02.2021   
3.  Declaration for authorship, Appendix № 3 from ORDINANCE No. 1 of 16.02.2021     
4.  Declaration of personal data   
5. All available documents certifying ownership of work of art.
6. Color photo of the work of art with high resolution on electronic media. If the works of art requested for identification are more than one, the photos are of each work of art separately.

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