Painting as a Continuous Script

7/04/2022 - 19/06/2022

The exhibition includes a selection of Bogdan Aleksandrov’s most significant works and underlines his place in the context of contemporary Bulgarian art. The forty large-format portraits and compositions, created since 2010, present in cycles various aspects of the artist’s oeuvre (including ‘Triads’, ‘Purgatorium’, ‘Pareidolia: Staged Portraits’, and ‘Vertigo: Portraits Without Diagnosis’), with some being shown for the first time.

In his earlier works, the artist explores borderline human states using a method he titles ‘visual noise’. In his latest canvases he continues to analyse, rethink and place classical painting in a new context and, through an expressional, conceptual code, preserves the complex correspondence of the image with reality, passing through different layers of meanings and metaphors immersed in the pictorial space. Attracted to philosophy and aesthetics, Bogdan Aleksandrov researches and seeks a personal approach to the creation of his works. To accompany the exhibition, the artist has prepared a short essay that elucidates his concept.