The National Gallery is a state cultural and scientific institution of national importance reliant on budget support. The Gallery is managed by a Director appointed by the Bulgarian Minister of Culture following a public competition. The Board of Directors assists the Director in defining the strategic direction for the Gallery, and in the Director’s administrative and organisational functions.

The Preservation and Registration of the Collection Divisions, under the Bulgarian Art and the Foreign Art Departments, are responsible for the conservation, display, cataloguing, and general educational presentation of the collections, while the Research and Art Presentation Departments, are concerned with their study and popularisation. The Departments employ specialists in the spheres of the history of art, culturology, and archaeology.

The Department for Preservation and Digitalisation of Movable Cultural Property and Contemporary Artworks ensures the good condition of artefacts, their digitalisation, as well as access to the Gallery’s archives and library. The Conservation and Restoration Laboratory employs professionally skilled specialists.

The Branches & Organisation of Exhibitions Department is responsible for the proper functioning of the Palace, the branch for temporary exhibitions; the Museum of Christian Art in the Crypt of St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral; the Museum of Socialist Art; the Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art; and the Museum Houses. They are supported in their work by the Department for Organisation of Exhibitions and Information and Visitor Services.

The Finance and Administration Department deals with the accounting of the state subsidy and other funds, human resources development and management, and the maintenance of all equipment and facilities.

The Communications Department develops International and Public Relations, marketing and the educational programmes of the Gallery.