Vera Nedkova and Denitsa Boeva

12/02/2020 - 15/05/2020

The exposition includes self-portraits by Vera Nedkova from the mid-1920s to the 1960s (from the collection of the National Gallery) and self-portraits and an installation by the young artist, Denitsa Boeva.

The programme, ‘In the Home of Vera Nedkova’, began in 2019 with a ‘dialogue’ between Anna Boyadzhieva and Vera Nedkova’s early works dedicated to the female figure and sensitivity.

This exhibition continues the direction of seeking and presenting different perspectives on contemporary artists in the atmosphere of Vera Nedkova’s home. The place is filled with many memories and marked by the intellectual and creative presence of the artist. Her canvases immerse us in the spirit of the times in which she lived and reveal the richness of her personality and talent. Curious and analytical about the changes in the world that surrounded her, she painted herself repeatedly at all stages of her development as an artist. The selected self-portraits raise questions about the artist’s fate and her philosophy.

Denitsa Boeva is amongst the nominees for the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation Prize for Flight in Art in 2019. A student of Anna Boyadzhieva, she creates installations and spatial objects using different materials. Her self-portraits are executed in mixed media and her light installation is built with textile fibres.

Diana Draganova-Stier