Photographic prints by Vanessa Lu, Vladislav Lepoev, Ivelin Penchev – Ivicha, Liliana Karadzhova, Nikola Dyulgyarov, Usha

Vernissage on Thursday, 2 November, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

As part of its annual program, RADLAB has invited six artists to explore the topic of personal reality. The exhibition presents six photographic series, hand-printed at the studio’s facilities in Gabrovo, featuring 23 alternative photographic techniques: lithprint, salt print, chemigrams, carbon print, gum bichromate. These processes of imagemaking involved handling light-sensitive emulsions, performing chemical manipulations, and utilizing hand-made instruments.

Each artist has come up with their own media and methods to underline the importance of the creative process. The artistic output of this exhibition represents a singular alchemical experiment. Seamlessly weaving a tapestry of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, psychology, and philosophy into the artists’ personal thoughts, attitudes, and relationships, a profound collective narrative emerges from these intricate art pieces.

This is photography today!