Vera Nedkova
Kaliya Kalacheva

24/02/2022 - 24/10/2022

Vernissage on Thursday, 17 February, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., observing all anti-epidemic measures and with controlled access.

‘In the Home of Vera Nedkova’, the programme launched in 2019, continues to present contemporary artists in the atmosphere of the artist’s home, filled with numerous memories and marked by her intellectual and creative presence and the spirit of the times in which she lived.

The current exhibition focuses on one of the most popular genres in painting—landscape. Works by Vera Nedkova from the National Gallery collection created in the 1960s and 1970s and paintings by Kaliya Kalacheva are on display.

In Nedkova’s oeuvre of this period, the vitality and colour familiar from earlier years return, but permeated with a new feeling of density and saturation. The emotional impact and suggestion of the landscapes of Sibiu, Malta, the Rhodopes, and Sozopol, are distinguished by their strength and power of construction, the development of form and, last but not least, with the expressiveness of colour.

Kalacheva’s paintings are a synthesis of abstract imagery and clear, lucid spaces and modules, as the landscape progresses beyond the contours of nature. The artist builds unusual panels and coloured surfaces using embossed strokes and glints of gold and silver.

Artists of different creative pursuits, styles and techniques, Vera Nedkova (1906–1996) and Kaliya Kalacheva (b. 1986) correspond in an unusual way in their search for a different perspective of communication and perception of contemporary art.

Diana Draganova-Stier, curator of the exhibition