1/09/2020 - 31/10/2020

In the unique place related to the life and oeuvre of Andrey Nikolov (1878–1959)—his house at 15, Lyuben Karavelov St., in Sofia—visitors will again be able to come into contact with a remarkable artistic personality and a symbolic figure in the development of Bulgarian sculpture from the first half of the twentieth century. The temporary chamber exhibition from the collection of the National Gallery includes 17 works by the carver, created between 1902 and 1931, as well as one by his teacher, Boris Schatz (1866–1931). The fact that 22 of his emblematic works are exhibited in the representative exposition in Kvadrat 500 speaks of the high esteem of the talent of Andrey Nikolov by the largest art museum in Bulgaria.

The sculptor ‘transferred’ Italy to his Sofia address. ‘The red fortress’ was built in 1929, not only as a family home, but as a creative oasis. Far from the noise of Sofia’s central streets, one can get lost in the labyrinths of entrances, exits and numerous stairs that climb up to terraces with beautiful views. The atmosphere itself encourages the creation of art with its large salons, ateliers and a foundry. The sculptor created a home that carries his temperament, in a style that is, as he himself says: ‘None at all. Mine. Naturally influenced by Italy.’