Biennale for Paper Art

9/07/2020 - 20/09/2020

Impulse and Light – the motto of SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2020, is a symbol of the long-standing mission and goals of this innovative and one of a kind in a global perspective festival, that contributed to the presentation of Bulgaria with contemporary artists and affirming the country as the host of the most prominent event for paper art in the world. Created by the Amateras foundation, it is a two–time winner of the European label for innovation, and it attracts thousands of fans and artists from all over the world.

With the exhibition at Kvadrat 500, for which in the spirit of the aforementioned motto art pieces with light have been selected, the 10th edition of the festival is being opened. The message is much stronger now – in a period of social distancing, and aims at bringing light through art in a time of spiritual and physical trial. Due to COVID-19, the planned programme for May was adapted for cascading schedule of the exhibitions from the different divisions.

Yet again the festival is a guest at the National Gallery with a key exhibition, and for the first time it is at Kvadrat 500. Hall 19, with its sacredness and particular energy climate, is especially suitable for art pieces showing up from the darkness, bathed in colourful or ghostly white light, playing with casted shadows. The light is a symbol of Knowing, and the High matter and the Human spirit are the most powerful leaders and protectors of our civilization, created by the Universe. Our responsibility is to protect it.

In the art piece Signing object by Joachim Tschacher from Germany, a direct warning is being made for our breathing planet, which is signing, taking a rest from us. The installation Alive structures by Verena Freidrich from Germany, attracting with its perfect geometry, is in stark contrast with the amorphic White structures by Anna Boyadgieva. Both installations build universes and create the feeling for play in the space, where the reflections and shadows conquer with their ethereality. The cosmic stylistic and touch to the future is discretely presented in the Live box by Iyonaga Takahiro from Japan. In synchrony with them, is the installation by Vibeke Damgaard from Norway, whose delicate works with elegant shapes seem to be woven from the fog. The installations by Daniela Todorova The road of knowledge and Sound from the Sky walk us through Time with ancient messages from our ancestors. Hanne Frey Huso from Norway is inviting us to peak into the world of fairytales and dreams with her work Somnanbul, and Mila Stoeva with her installation Clouds created the illusion for cosmic lights while travelling through the sky.

The exhibition Impulse and Light is urging us to enter another reality, quiet and inducing respect to those worlds, that speak to us and gift us with their might. Let us not forget to look for the light in the message, directed to the audience.

SOFIA PAPER ART FEST is part of the Calendar for cultural events of the Sofia Municipality for 2020.

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