Five Portraits
Mladen Antonov, Dimitar Dilkov, Nikolay Doychinov, Boryana Katsarova, Yana Paskova

8/03/2018 - 4/04/2018

The Five Portraits exhibition is the opening event of this year’s FotoFabrika festival, which focus is on the contemporary Bulgarian photography.

The exhibition will present five renowned Bulgarian news photographers whose pictures are part of the international exchange of the most prestigious world informational channels – Reuters, Getty Images, Spiegel, France Press, etc. It will include selected photos by Dimitar Dilkov (1991 to the present), Mladen Antonov’s impressions of the good old Russian propaganda machine, Nikolay Doychinov’s visual narrative about conteporary Bulgarian rituals, Yana Paskova’s New York perspective on democracy, the communist regime, and their projection in time, and the documentary project of Boryana Katsarova, the only Bulgarian photojournalist who managed to get into the biggest refugee camp in the world, in South Sudan, and create intimate and personal portraits of some of its inhabitants.

The FotoFabrika Festival will continue until August, emphasizing both Bulgarian authors and projects by renowned world photographers such as the legendary contemporary artist Pierre Gonnord, the pioneer of portrait photography Felix Nadar, many photonarratives about dreams, people, countries and stories, documentary films, the traditional photomarathon for amateur photographers.

Additional information on the themes and events in the programme: