Being Different is a Privilege

14/05/2022 - 26/06/2022

The ‘Being Different Is a Privilege’ exhibition presents the achievements of creatively therapeutic workshops in ceramics, and materialises a part of the inner world of people with autism that often remains inaccessible to others. And it is just as beautiful as their pure and unfeigned intentions, which have found expression in the forms and objects they have created.

The space housing the ‘New Prospects Through the Arts and Crafts: Art and Jump’ Centre in Sofia is filled with a particular mutual warmth, sharedness and trust in welcoming children, youths, parents, friends, and like-minded people. In the ceramics, textile and dance ateliers, the centre’s team has, since 2010, been conducting training sessions and alternative therapies. In 2013, dedicated parents and professionals set up the Foundation for Assistance to People with Developmental Disabilities, whose credo relates to an understanding that each person is unique and has the right to happiness and equal opportunities in achieving it. Compassion, tolerance, and empathy do not come about by means of laws, but germinate and grow in people’s hearts and souls. Doing good, volunteering and charitableness stimulate the tireless work to perform kindnesses.