The Archaeology of Memory

Arch. Milena Metalkova-Markova, Darren Barker, arch. Polina Kyosseva, arch. Martin Kunchev, arch. Elina Hadzhieva, arch. Azatuhi Sarkissyan, Maria Petkova and Viktoriya Dimitrova

Depopulation of villages and the strongly ageing population lead to an acute loss of cultural traditions and identity. Villages are crammed with forgotten houses, churches, household objects, all preserving the spirit of the communities that created our cultural identity. The exhibition focuses on the forgotten cultural heritage and the efforts of a handful of enthusiasts without borders to delve into and revive particles of the Bulgarian National Revival spirit.

Darren Barker of the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust in Great Britain transfers a room from an abandoned house, hanging some of its objects that illustrate the path of life of a woman from the village of Karpachevo—from her youth, through the raising of her children, postcards to her from her grown children, wedding invitations and their children by her obituary notice—while the objects scattered on the floor tell her story.

Milena Metalova-Markova from the Department of History and Theory of Architecture at UACEG presents the work of students from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Taiwan and Estonia in a series of summer astivities in the village of Karpachevo on the theme of cultural heritage education through a link between architecture, art and crafts.

In November 2018, the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust project for cultural heritage education focused on the village of Karpachevo was awarded the prestigious Historic England Angel Award, initiated by the music director Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber in London.

Arch. Milena Metalkova-Markova