Rumen Zhekov

Bulgarian artists today

12/07/2019 - 29/09/2019

Rumen Zhekov’s exhibition at the National Gallery is the fourth successive event in the programme launched in 2018 under the title, ‘Bulgarian Artists Today’.

‘Selected’ covers a broad range of the artist’s oeuvre, presenting some of his most significant works. Art from the National Gallery, Plovdiv City Art Gallery and private collections has been chosen. The exhibition is arranged on the basis of emphases and counterpoints, revealing different directions in his development—from the artist’s diploma work, ‘The Yard of the Psychiatric Clinic at 6, Ruski Blvd.’ (1988), through series and cycles such as ‘Nocturnal Interiors’ (1988–1989) and ‘Scars and Shadows’ (2005–2006), to his latest series ‘Insomnia’ (2017–2018), part of which he is exhibiting here in Sofia for the first time.

Rumen Zhekov seeks inspiration in the hidden message of lines and symbols. In his works, we discover a great sensuousness and a rationalised figurativeness. His art is measured and mastered as a plastic language. His paintings communicate through the language of shadows, reflections and the complex labyrinths of his fantasy.

The artist passes very quickly through the figurative in his earliest works—‘The Night Is Endless’ (1988), ‘Gate in the Night’ (1989)—to achieve delicate, semiotically developed compositions such as ‘Fragments’ (2004) and ‘Insomnia—Dawn’ (2017) where minimalism is the leading artistic choice.

Diana Draganova-Stier