Invisible Cities
Contemporary Portuguese Photography
Paulo Nozolino and José Manuel Rodrigues

9/10/2018 - 9/11/2018

This selection of photography works by Paulo Nozolino and José Manuel Rodrigues represents the lyrical narrative of modern Portuguese photography. The exhibition features 40 black&white photographs from the collection of the Portuguese Centre of Photography.

Paulo Nozolino is one of the central figures of contemporary photography. His dark symbolist universe confronts us with the solitude of the metropolis, and the isolation and destruction of modern society. Sharp contrasts, glowing lights and black colors express his personal visual diary.

Expressive symbolism is the focus of José Manuel Rodrigues‘s art. He captures the contrasts between time and the timeless element through lyrical topics such as the changing rural landscape, the nature of beauty or the correlation between what is visible and invisible.

The exhibition aims to introduce the Bulgarian public to two of the most renowned Portuguese photographers of today, thus opening a window to Portuguese contemporary culture, establishing bridges between the two countries and creating dialogues between different art forms. With this event, the Portuguese Cultural Institute – Camões Sofia, wants to widen and diversify its range of cultural activities in the Bulgarian capital and to acquaint an increasingly larger audience with the works of leading European artists. In November of 2018, Camões Sófia celebrates the 5th anniversary of its presence in Bulgaria.

On the 10th of October, at 6 p.m., there will be a special presentation by José Manuel Rodrigues. Everyone who is interested can come and talk to the photographer and learn more about his work.