History and Reality
An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art

5/10/2018 - 16/12/2018

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese society has undergone tremendous changes—from poverty and weakness to prosperity and strength. Following these changes, Chinese art has evolved along the path of stability, ethnic and cultural self-confidence. Moreover, China’s opening to the world and the reforms that began 40 years ago prompt Chinese artists, with their minds and eyes, to connect with the contemporary age. Inspired by their homeland, they are striving to form a unique Chinese style, and have become active players on the international art scene.

Before the Bulgarian public, thirteen artists reveal, by means of painting, graphic art, installation and the object, their reflections and ideas on historical tradition, and the current situation in China and the world.

The participants in the exhibition are contemporary artists well known and active in their work. They come from different provinces in China, as well as from different institutions: schools of arts, universities, creative organisations. Young artists with a developed individual style are also included.

Curators: Zhao Li, Peng Wei
Curators’ Assistant: Yang Zhige
Overall Exhibition Project Coordinator: Zhang Lili
Exhibition Coordinators: Zhou Long and Gina Balareva