VASIL CHAKAROV – CHAK (1934–2018) 90th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth

30/05/2024 - 8/09/2024

Opening on Thursday, 30 May, at 6 p.m.
The Palace, 1, Knyaz Alexander I Sq., Sofia

This retrospective exhibition of Vasil Chakarov (1934–2018), with works provided by his heirs, presents the artist through the genres of painting, graphics and drawing, by emphasising leading cycles in his oeuvre. Despite his long and extensive biography, with his works displayed in many General Art Exhibitions of the Union of Bulgarian Artists throughout the 1970s and 1980s, his name is not known to the broader public.

The artist was one of few who devoted their life entirely to art. A stranger to vanity, he lived and worked in Samokov. Lacking an academic education, but with an innate talent, exceptional erudition and excellent plastic culture, he was naturally involved in the leading trends of the late 20th century in Bulgaria. The rediscovery of Vasil Chakarov occurred in the 1990s. His solo exhibition at the Sofia City Art Gallery in 1994, where his aquarelles were displayed together for the first time, revealed to the public a great master of the watercolour landscape, already known to the art critics of the time.

Somehow left on the fringes of the noisy artistic torrent but, from today’s point of view, deserving to be more widely popularised, Vasil Chakarov still awaits his due professional appraisal. The current exhibition, composed of the artist’s legacy held by his family, is the finale of a long-standing project of a series of exhibitions in the Bulgarian capital and around the country.

Media partner: BTA / Bulgarian News Agency.