Music Picture
Project for Children Aged 6 to 12

“Music Picture” is a joint project between the Educational Programs Department of the National Gallery and Music School MUSIC PLAY.
The children will be introduced to the exhibits in Kvadrat 500, where a dance is depicted. The small musicians will play in front of the works themselves, which will live under the sounds of the specially prepared recitals, including the minuet, the waltz and the march.
After this tour the participants will be accommodated in the exhibition hall, where the gallery’s grand palace is located. After a short concert, the “Music Picture” will be complemented by a lot of color and drawing in harmony with the music that children enjoy.

Venue: Square 500, St Alexander Nevski Sq., 1 19th of February Str.
Date and time: March 29, 2018 (Thursday), from 4 pm to 5.30 pm
Access: BGN 2, free for children up to 12 years old
For subscription and additional information: 0886 817 233; 0879 147 679 or on