Stoyan Tsanev
Bulgarian Artists Today

27/03/2018 - 6/05/2018

Over a period of four decades, Stoyan Tsanev’s pre-eminent presence in artistic life has been marked by an uncompromising aesthetic maximalism and by his multidirectional creative pursuits. After beginning with impressive performances in easel painting and print graphics, the Polish-educated graduate simultaneously developed his pronounced talent in the field of ceramics.

Visitors have the opportunity to view over 40 paintings by one of the artists who has left a most prominent trail in modern Bulgarian art. The selection on display indicates the pivotal points in the development of the visually plastic language of Stoyan Tsanev in the period 2016–2018. Most of the artworks are being shown to the public for the first time.

The paintings stimulate the viewer to a penetrating perusal far beyond the sphere of the purely contemplative. The artist’s multi-faceted creative nature, insubordinate to strictly defined stylistic markers, is characterised by an original iconographic system dominated by the lapidary accents of the imagerial sign.

His plastic pursuits unfold in the wide spectrum of categorical colour accents and fine gradations of hue, balanced through the introduction of complex volume and counter-volume modulations.

In his laconic self-commentaries, the artist says: ‘In my works… everything starts from my reflections on time, space, the beginning, the birth of great things… I have vested these reflections in this plastic language of mine. I do not provide an answer on the things that move me. If a person has my sensitivity, he will inevitably understand me.’

The essential features of this exhibition take viewers beyond contemplation, to introduce them to the labyrinth of creative absorption that overcomes the boundary dividing the figurative and abstract, the voluminous and two-dimensional, the narrative and suggestive.

A catalogue will also be published during the course of the exhibition which is the first event of the longterm programme of the National Gallery “Bulgarian Artists Today”.