Krum Damyanov
Bulgarian Artists Today

13/12/2018 - 2/06/2019

This exhibition is the latest event in the National Gallery’s programme launched in 2018 under the title ‘Bulgarian Artists Today’. Five sculptural compositions in metal by Academician Krum Damyanov, created in the past year, and not previously exhibited, are presented.

A creator of forms attracting through what is not apparent. This is Krum Damyanov, a sculptor with a recognisably individual style and an established standpoint. His works subordinate form and space beyond the boundaries of artistic technique, and the artist seeks integral completeness through the means of contradiction. In dispute with himself and in contrast to everything else.

Any attempt to ‘collect’ in text the sculpture of Krum Damyanov is difficult. The artist segments conventional forms and, with the pieces, creates new ones where the detail is rationalised, imparting a completeness to the work. That is why it is different from every angle, and with every look the viewer rediscovers it again and again. The playing with light is also ‘guilty’ of this—mastered to perfection, it penetrates through the traceried decorative motif and bursts out in one element or absorbs another, carrying the feeling of dynamics, while, in the shadow, the opposites of dark–light, hot–cold, visible–invisible are hidden. Liberated, they whet our senses for the aesthetic receptivity that the artist has subjugated in the matter. Thus, the path from naturalism to the abstract leads through a mastered space—long and sometimes lonely, but never boring.

In their size and expression, Krum Damyanov’s compositions are monumental and dignified—a state of the form that incorporates a worldview, spiritual make-up, feelings, and time. His sculptures convey a sense of ease and effortlessness of execution, but this is merely on the face of it, like a glance sliding on the polished metal surface. Deep below are the gestures: the sense of difficultness overcome, and the allegories, metaphors, and emotions. The educative aesthetic embracing the sculptural works of Krum Damyanov teaches us to constantly seek, experiment and play in order to find the limit of the possibilities for perception. Even beyond it…