Building Links to Encourage Fresh Perspectives

Seminar in Kvadrat 500

A seminar on Building Links to Encourage Fresh Perspectives was held in Sofia at Kvadrat 500 on 12 and 13 March 2018. The seminar, jointly organised with the British Council in Sofia, was hosted by the National Gallery.

The participants were predominantly young experts and curators from art galleries nationwide. Teachers of art and students at the National Academy of Arts and the St Kliment of Ohrid University of Sofia also attended.

Liz Smith, Director of Participation and Learning at the National Portrait Gallery in London gave a detailed presentation on the NPG educational programmes. Prof. Peter Tsanev, of the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, spoke on the new visual art programmes to be introduced in the cirricula of primary and secondary schools in Bulgaria.

The seminar also offered practical ways to innovative and far reaching approaches to make families and students become widely aware of, and interested in, the work of art galleries thereby developing audiences of visual art connoisseurs.